We are

an experienced team of designers and developers based in Berlin. We craft user-centered apps for VR, AR, 3D, medical. On desktop, mobile, and web.
We care, because we love it and enjoy winning prizes for our clients.


Selected projects

A short selection of our recent real-time projects in AR / VR / interactive media / mobile apps.


SPUR.labs / raumHOCH

We had the great opportunity to be involved in a project that uses augmented reality for something really useful: contextual information to help you experience historical sites. We helped SPUR.labs and raumHOCH bring the concept to life in the form of an iOS app prototype that shows augmented, vanished buildings and original media in a guided audio tour that can be experienced on the grounds of the memorial site of the former Sachsenhausen concentration camp. It was a challenge to get the tracking right on an almost empty site, but the result was definitely worth it.

Augmented Portal

Technology Showcase

Using Microsoft Azure Kinect to track user's head position and augment an environments with guidance overlays or historical information.

Bosch Rexroth / Hybrid Shopfloor CU.BE


Together with raumHOCH we developed a solution to bridge the boundary between a real world shop floor and its digital twin. The application heavily extends Unity's Timeline feature to enable artists to author and refine interactive animations and content.

Duale Ausbildung


In the Dual Training Showroom, young people in Berlin can explore various training worlds in 3D via virtual reality. Using gesture control, they move through several levels, collect coins, meet role models and experience everyday stories from theory and practice. On behalf of the IHK and HwK Berlin, raumHOCH was commissioned to conceptualize, design, program and implement the room and the VR app.

EV Check App - 3D view


After having occasional interaction with the automotive industry, we were delighted when Volkswagen approached us to improve their existing AR experience and to integrate it into Prophets' EV Check App. We made many implemented suggestions on how to explain and experience the switch to electric mobility, as well as how to show the vehicle in different scales, ranging up to 1:1. The integration of nine spoken languages was easy - thanks to our in-house AR-CMS detangle!
Try it out for yourself on youriOSorAndroiddevice.

Eye-tracking Showcase

raumHOCH / MCI / SAP

Together with raumHOCH and MCI we developed a showcase application for the Hannover Fair 2019. Augmented Reality enabled the spatial and digital storytelling of a complex industrial solution. SAP's Design-2-Operate strategy is explained from design to operation using an augmented physical hero object in the form of a valve. Based on the TOBII eye tracker, we have developed a head-tracking solution, which is shown together with a new transparent OLED screen.

CLARIANT Virtual Window

raumHOCH / Fuenfwerken

Colorize the city and learn where you can use which CLARIANT pigments. You look through a "virtual window" in the form of a screen, whose correct viewing angle is guaranteed by VR tracking (via helmet tracker or controller). The controller becomes a laser pointer also allowing you to teleport. At each location, pop-ups with texts, images and videos in thematic environments convey the information. Winner of theRed Dot Award 2019in the "Interface Design" category.

Augmented Reality Demo

Deutsche Telekom

Well-fi is an innovative connectivity concept by T-Labs that was presented at Mobile World Congress 2017 within Deutsche Telekom’s innovations section. Framefield helped to consolidate the insights of the project into a concise storyline and converted it into an interactive AR demonstration: visitors could explore and visualize aspects of the Well-Fi concept in different scenarios.

AR Guest Tour

raumHOCH / Price Waterhouse Coopers

Thanks to us and raumHOCH, the PwC Experience Center in Frankfurt am Main has been enhanced: visitors can now independently and interactively explore the projects, employees and philosophy of the PwC innovators by meaningfully linking virtual and physically existing objects. Highlights include an interactive column or the option to simultaneously as well as the option to create virtual sticky notes, place them in the room and make them available for subsequent visitors to read.

VR painter

raumHOCH / Fuenfwerken / Clariant

Our first thought was: This is what VR was invented for! For the Swiss paint & coatings manufacturer Clariant, one of the world's leading specialty chemical companies, we built a room-scale VR experience. Visitors at the European Coatings Show could create their own, unique artwork by spray-painting a virtual canvas. For bystanders, created the impression that the paint was actually being sprayed physically sprayed onto a LED screen. Winner of aGerman Brand Award 2018.

Welcome Above

VR flight game

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind, music-driven VR experience. Welcome Above lets you spread your wings and explore an exhilarating and mysterious world, all with an intuitive and fun flight mechanic. Nesting within the clouds lies a world filled with soundscapes and challenges. As you progress through the audio-reactive environment, your actions will craft a unique soundtrack, perfectly scoring your experience. Through exhaustive user testing we're proud of making Welcome Above "the most comfortable VR experience" according to testers.www.welcome-above.com


realtime 3D framework

Tooll3 is the current iteration of our open source software for procedural generation of motion graphics based on ImGui and DirectX.github

Design, Execution, Craft.

Review & Analysis

After reviewing all existing material, we create a first assessment document with tons of annotations and quick paintovers. Our engineers can identify bottlenecks and unused potential.

Ideas & Concepts

We love ideation! We then cluster, evaluate, visualize, and sharpen all results – and make them work. We suggest means of implementation and validate ideas for feasibility.

User Journey

We roll out your user’s experience step by step, from awareness to conversion. Feasibility is king: all steps are discussed and reviewed by senior developers.


We craft color scheme, typography, look, and – of course – transitions and motion design. Good design requires implementation: We tweak to pixel-perfection on the target platform.


We like prototyping with tangible assets and quick iterations that drive decisions and designs. And we get code running on the target platform as early as possible.


We recommend early qualitative user-testing, which we can facilitate quickly and cost effectively. Our development pipeline is fully test-driven, with build servers and a refined reviewing process.


As a team we design and implement together. This collaboration results in a an refined product that is rock solid and looks and feels great.